How Much Luggage Can I Bring on My Cruise Vacation?

This is a VERY popular question! 

The answer is pretty much the same across the board. There is not necessarily a restriction on the amount of luggage and personal property you bring onboard, the cruise lines just ask that it be a reasonable amount.

Do keep in mind, whatever luggage you bring has to be stored in your cabin. For your comfort and convenience, it is recommended that you limit the number of pieces you take. There isn’t an area to store your empty bags, so if you have many pieces this can make for a tight cabin filled with luggage.

TIP: Many times the beds onboard are high enough for large bags to be stored underneath, giving you more floor or closet space. Place small bags inside larger ones before storing for even more space-saving!

If you are typically an ‘over-packer’, like myself, here are a few helpful tricks for packing lightly — or just lighter — for your cruise.

  • You will have plenty of closet space, however, there are usually only 5-10 hangers in them. No need to bring your own, you can just ask your cabin steward for more!
  • Cruise ships offer a dry cleaning and laundry service. You can have clothing sent off to be washed or pressed, for a nominal fee. Some ships even have a self-service laundromat you can use! Bring quarters, and laundry soap in plastic baggies or use the Purex 3-1 Laundry Sheets to save money and space.
  • Consider renting your formal attire. Cruise ships have a variety of suits or tuxedos in which you can order before your cruise, so you don’t have to pack your own! Space saved! Call your cruise guide for more details.
  • Is there extra room in your hubby’s luggage? Yes? Okay, sneak a couple things in there…he won’t even know.
  • Don’t worry about packing beach towels. The cruise line has it covered.
  • When packing toiletries keep in mind the cruise line provides shampoo and soap. Some lines offer toothpaste, conditioner, and even razors. When booking, ask what will provided in your stateroom so you don’t bring something you don’t need.
  • Leave the hair dryer at home — a hair dyer is provided in each stateroom.

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