How Often Do Cruise Rates Change?

Cruise rates can be tumultuous. They can, and do, change regularly.

So if you have received a cruise quote from an agent, we highly suggest putting a complimentary hold on that cabin. Very little information is needed and there is no obligation to book the cruise. A ‘hold’ is typically 24 hours, but the time could vary between just hours or up to a week. It is all dependent on the date of the sailing.

It is a win-win situation. If the rate goes up within that time-frame, you are protected and will still have that lower rate locked in. If the rate goes down, no problem, we just have the rate adjusted to the new lower cruise price.

Unfortunately, if you do not put a cabin on hold at the time you are quoted, the cruise line will not honor the lower rate.

So, how can the price change so quickly?

The cruise lines have sophisticated computer systems that diligently monitor their inventory across each sailing. They look at how many cabins of each category are booked, how many are on ‘hold’, and how many are still available. They then calculate the time left prior to a sailing, how easy it’s been to fill the ship on previous, similar dates, adjust and calculate the price accordingly.

That can mean the price going up, or coming down. Supply and demand is the driving force, the more popular a sailing, the more likely it is to fill and have the price go up.

This can happen once a week, once a day and some cases, once an hour!

Don’t take a chance on losing out on the best price for your cruise, just play it safe and ask your agent to put your reservation on a complimentary hold and make sure you know when it expires.

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