Royal Caribbean’s On-Line Check-In

You’ve picked out the Royal Caribbean cruise that fits your busy schedule and  made a deposit, so what comes next?

Now, it’s time to complete the pre-registration for your cruise.

Completing the pre-registration, or Online Check-In, process for all the guests in your reservation will save you from having to fill out forms at the pier and needs to be completed 3 days prior to your saildate.

Once you have completed the Online Check-In process, you will receive a ‘SetSail Pass’. It indicates that you successfully completed the check-in process for you and those guests listed on your SetSail Pass. You will bring your signed SetSail Pass with you to check in at the cruise terminal.

The process can seem a bit over-whelming, but if you follow these simple steps, it will be fast and painless.

First, gather the information that will make fulfilling the check-in a breeze.

  • Ship, Sail Date and Royal Caribbean Reservation Number
  • Full Legal First and Last Names for Each Passenger –Names must appear as they do on your travel documents: passport or certified birth certificate.
  • Passport Number, Issuance and Expiration Date if applicable–OR note that you will bring appropriate proof of citizenship (certified birth certificate) and photo ID
  • Name of an Emergency Contact Person and Phone Number
  • Travel Plans Before and After the Cruise, if applicable–Flight Numbers and Schedule
  • Credit Card to Set Up Your Onboard Expense Account–OR note that you will bring cash to set up your account upon check-in at the pier.

Once you have gathered this information, you are ready to get started.

Visit At the top of the home page, hover over the tab, Before you Board. Choose the 3rd selection down, Online Check-in. 

On the next page, on the far right-hand side you will see Log-In to Online Check-in. Fill in the requested information: Last name, Reservation #, Date of Departure, Ship Name, click Submit.

You have now accessed your reservation.

Before you begin your Check-In, scroll down to the bottom of the home-page. At the bottom, select Request Luggage Tags in green. Enter the address you would like your luggage tags sent to.

Royal Caribbean’s ship luggage tag program provides you with personalized luggage tags before leaving home. Each luggage tag mailer contains eight (8) colorized tags, specific to your ship, sailing date and stateroom assignment.

Once you have requested your tags, click Exit and View Reservation. You can then find Check-In Online, on the right, and start your pre-registration process.

Scroll down until you see your names and click on, Begin Check-In, then just proceed through the next 4 steps for each guest.

Step 1.  Guest Information

Step 2. Onboard Expense Account

Step 3.  Cruise ticket contract

Step 4.  Set Sail Pass

All 4 steps must be completed for each guest, however, you are able to save any completed information and return at a later date to edit or add information.

The only thing left to do is pack and ENJOY YOUR CRUISE!

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  1. jablonski says:

    I want to check in on line

    1. Alara says:

      Good morning!

      We would be happy to help, please email me at or call us [800.243.1959] so we can help while protecting your privacy.

      Thank you!

      Alara Shannon

  2. gerald streeper says:

    I want to check in Please 443-***-****

    1. admin says:

      Good morning Gerald!

      Unfortunately it does not look as through you booked your cruise with so we will be unable to access your reservation and assist you with your check-in. You can, however, call Royal Caribbean directly and they should be able to help you with your pre-registration. Their telephone number is (866) 562-7625.

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance, my email is :

      Thank you and have a fantastic cruise!

      Alara Shannon

  3. alexan keshishian says:

    i need to check in

    1. admin says:

      Evening Alexan!

      We would love to help you with your online check-in, however, it does not look as though you reserved your cruise through so we will not be able to access your reservation. For help with your Royal Caribbean Online Check-in please call (800) 398-9819 or visit and visit Before You Board.

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

      Thank you,


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