Try Your Luck Onboard–Princess Cruises Casino

I am not a big gambler, however, I love to go into a casino and watch the action. There is nothing quite like watching someone on a winning streak, the excitement is electric!

Princess Cruises boasts top-of-the-line casinos on each and every one of their ships.

Some of the table games offered on a Princess ship are Blackjack, Roulette, Craps (I totally want to learn how to play this game), Texas Hold‘Em Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and several other poker options.

Of course for the serious players there will be Blackjack and Poker tournaments on board. Please note that on the Pacific Princess, Ocean Princess, and Royal Princess there will not be Texas Hold’Em Poker tournaments.  If you are not sure how to play that is okay, they offer informational sessions at the beginning of the night or mid-day if the ship is at sea. Test out that beginner’s luck!

I can’t leave out the slot machines. They have slots that start at just one penny and go up to $10.

Most of the ships now have coin-less machines. Now you just use your shipboard account to create a Player Bank for use in the casino. So if you’re on a roll, this will allow you to download funds directly from your shipboard account. If you like the feel of a coin in your hand, there are still some machines that will take them. Just visit the Cashier’s Deck in the Casino and purchase Princess Tokens.

BINGO. Don’t forget to try your hand at Bingo. I just had a client win $1000.00 from playing onboard!

If you know you enjoy spending time in the Casino, you should definitely sign up for the Princess Players Club. This is basically a points system that awards you various benefits onboard for the amount of points you win. The points are associated with the amount of money you win in the casino.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, you are sure to have a glamorous time in a Princess Casino.

If you need someone to blow on the dice for good luck, give me a call ;).

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