What Beverages Can I Bring Onboard My Cruise?

What beverages are allowed on board?

This is on the top of my list of frequently asked questions.

My clients want to know if they can bring beverages like bottled water, soda, wine, or beer onboard. It is no secret that soda and alcoholic drinks are an extra cost while at sea, so here is the bottom line on who-allows-what with the three major lines; Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival will allow guests to bring a 12-pack person of non-alcoholic beverages. So you can bring a case of soda with you, however, each individual can/bottle must be 20 ounces or less.  Also allowed is 1 750mL bottle of wine for every adult 21 and over. They must be in your carry on luggage. You are able to enjoy these in your cabin at no charge, however, if you wish to pair your wine with dinner in the dining room, Carnival will charge a $10.00 corkage fee.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Officially, Norwegian’s policy states that soda and bottled water are not allowed to be carried onboard. However, that is not really the case. You are able to bring a reasonable amount of both. Pack a couple 12 pks of soda and some water in a small duffel or rolling suitcase, then put a luggage tag on it and give it to the porter with your other luggage.  Or simply put a luggage tag directly on the case of water, or soda, and hand it to the porter at the pier. If you do this, use some clear packing tape around the case just to be sure it holds together.

You cannot bring beer, boxed wine, or liquor on board. You can, however, bring wine or champagne on board. There is not necessarily a limit per person, but there is a corkage fee per bottle and size: 750 ml Bottle: $15.00  and 1,500 ml Magnum: $30.00.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is a personal favorite of mine. BUT, you are totally out of luck if you want to bring any beverages on board.

They do not allow ANY non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages onboard including bottled water, soda, or alcohol of any kind.

**Do Note: Each cruise line offers a convenient unlimited soda package and varying wine packages. If you don’t want to worry about bringing on your own, these packaged deals are a great way to save. Pre-purchase a package online or contact us for help!

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