When is the Best Time to Cruise to the Caribbean?

This is such a hard question to answer! It really depends on what you are looking for (e.g. the best time of the year will be different for people traveling with children and people traveling without children).

The one thing that is not going to change, the Caribbean is warm and beautiful year round. Most of the ports have average temperatures in the 80’s, increasing somewhat during the summer months.

  • If you are sailing with children, then cruising during school breaks (summer vacation, spring and holiday breaks) will be the best time to ensure there will be other children on board for them to play with (leaving you with more adult time!).
  • Those adults traveling without children will probably want to try and avoid the peak summer months, spring break, and holiday breaks. This is due to the increase in children likely to be onboard, and the demand is also higher which in turn drives up the cruise price. The best time to sail for you would be fall, winter or early spring.
  • If you are looking for the best deal on price, try the fall. Not only are the prices low, the weather is a bit more bearable and ports less crowded. However, this is hurricane season (hurricane season lasts from June-November), but the cruise line will not put you in harm’s way-they route around any storm that is a concern. Travel insurance can be helpful for peace of mind. I have personally sailed several times in September and never had a problem.
  • Another great time to look for a smokin’ hot deal is January or February, especially right after the holiday season. Plus, this gets you away from the chilly weather at home!
  • No matter what your situation, your biggest asset for a seamless Caribbean cruise is a knowledgeable travel agent who will listen to your wants and needs. Find someone that will go the extra mile, and give you the personal attention you deserve. Keep in mind you do not have to go to a traditional store-front travel agency to receive this attention. There are online companies available to you that have experienced and friendly agents, just waiting to wow you with their awesome service.

No matter when you go to the Caribbean, the islands will never disappoint!

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