Which Cruise Line has the Best Private Island??

So maybe this isn’t a fair question. All of the cruise lines have great private islands however, I believe one stands out above the rest.

Castaway Cay is a totally awesome private island. This is Disney Cruise Line‘s Private Island in the Bahamas. They have a few things that, in my opinion, make it a more enjoyable destination.

The first huge benefit is no tendering. Disney ships actually dock at the private island.

I can’t tell you how much easier this makes everything. If you need to take a nap, get out of the sun, or just go back to hang out on the ship you will have no wait time. It is as easy as pie. No waiting for a tender boat to get back, no waiting in line to get off and on the tender boat, and no waiting for the tender boat to get full of passengers.

Castaway Cay is 1000 acres and has three separate beach areas: the family beach, kid’s beach, and the adult only beach (yes I did say adult’s only beach).

So let’s start with the family beach area which is called Castaway Family Beach

  • Disney just increased the beach in this area by 700 feet.
  • Another addition is Pelican Plunge. You swim out to a 2400 square foot floating platform with a water park on top. They have two cork screw slides and much more.
  • The next new area is Spring A Leek. The area is also 2400 square feet and is set up like a washed away beach house. In every direction you will get sprayed with water thus making this area a super fun place for kids and parents (of course the parents can take a break while just the kiddos play in this area). I am pretty sure I will love this area with my boys.
  • They have also added a second buffet area just a few steps away from the family beach making eating lunch just that much more convenient.
  • One other addition is the 16 new rental cabanas. They are family friendly and feature a fresh water shower, dining table, refrigerator, and awesome views.  I could write pages on what you can do in this area just know you will have plenty of fun.

Scuttle’s Cove is the children’s beach–

  • Any little bambino from age 3 to 12 can hang out in this area. They have a ton of beach activities always done the Disney way.
  • Also just added is a 1700 square foot soft wet deck area. This is a fresh water play area with water jets, bubblers, and pop jets. This beach area is full of discovery and exploration.

Ah at last Serenity Bay

  • This is my favorite, the adult only beach area which is secluded and totally relaxing.
  • Disney just added four additional private cabanas. They are 325 square feet of luxurious calm and quiet. Don’t forget to have a massage in one of the open air cabanas while sipping on your Pina Colada!

So I have totally gone overboard talking about this awesome island.  I have left out so much, however I think you would agree with me that Disney has done a phenomenal job developing Castaway Cay!

I hope you will get a chance to experience it. I know I can’t wait to go back with or without the kids.

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